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Congratulations! you have finally done it. You have created a website for your business. However, having a website means nothing when it does not add anything to your bottom line. People need to visit your website and probably become your customers. This article explains how to drive visitors to your website for free.

When building your website, you probably worked with your web designer to create something that drives visitors to take action.

This is because all your digital marketing efforts are meant to drive quality traffic to your website.

If you can free up the funds, look into Facebook or google ad campaigns to drive visitors to your website quickly.

However, if you have spent a lot on your website and can’t free up funds for paid campaigns, here are some free ways to drive quality traffic to your website.

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You have a great understanding of your business, why don’t you write about it.

For instance, you are a frozen food vendor in Lagos, you can write articles like “How To Prevent Your Food From Spoilage”.

Articles like these are very helpful to your potential customers, hence, Google and other search engines show these to people.

Therefore, you rank well for helping people and also increase your website traffic.

Some of these people wander around other website pages. This builds loyalty for your business.

When they finally need to buy, guess who they’ll buy from? You of course!

Great blog articles get people on your website for free and convince them to buy from you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Blogging above is just one of the methods to rank your websites high on search engines like Google.

The whole spectrum of creating and optimizing your website for search engines is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The purpose of SEO is to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.

You do this by giving search engines like Google clues of the kind of audience you want on your website.

How do you give search engines clues?

Simple, keywords.

Keywords are phrases that define your business. They are very similar to what or how your potential website visitors search on Google.

You can’t be sure of people ‘search terms’, how Mr A will search for a frozen food company is different from how Mr B will search.

Search terms are usually unique.

Therefore, you can only give search engines keywords you wish to rank high for by infusing such keywords in your website content.

Generally, if you wish to rank a page for a particular keyword, you need to mention such keyword in the page text at least 1 time for every 200 words.

Note that the shorter a keyword is, the more difficult it is to rank for.

For example, a frozen “where to get seafood in Lagos” is easier to rank for than “seafood”.

There are millions of websites ranking for the word “seafood”, including websites that don’t even sell seafood.

This makes it difficult for you to rank for short keywords.

Long-tail keywords like “where to get seafood in Lagos” have less competition.

Therefore, they are easier to rank for and more likely to get you quality traffic – people interested in buying.

In addition to keywords, you can generate quality traffic by making your website easy to use.

Google does not only take into account your keywords when ranking you. They also look into what happens after.

Sure, Google can’t track all your visitors, but they monitor the average time people spend on your web pages.

When people don’t find their search intentions on your website or perhaps your pages take ages to load, they exit your website.

Google gets signals like these and reduces your ranking for such searches.

Also, be sure your website is mobile responsive as Google’s ranking is mobile-first.

Your website should offer users a great experience regardless of which device they visit you from.

Social Media Marketing

Instagram recently launched a link sticker for people to add website URLs to their stories regardless of follower count.

Instagram was notorious for having just one outbound link – the link in bio.

Social media platforms are great to promote your website pages.

Post engaging content and add call-to-actions that push people to visit your website.

You can also create snippet or summary content and send viewers to your web pages to view full content – this works for blog articles.

Awesome, engaging content is the backbone of any social media strategy.

If you consistently dish out engaging content, your follower base grows.

Then you can drive followers to any page on your website including sales pages that could generate revenue for you.

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YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world.

Yes, that reads weird but it is true.

YouTube is supposed to be a social media platform where people post and enjoy video content.

However, its search feature makes it more than that.

YouTube works great as a search engine because the world is moving fast towards video content – people want to see.

People visit YouTube to learn how to do a lot of things.

Like you did for your blog articles, create compelling video content relating to your industry.

Add links to your website to your video descriptions.

As your YouTube channel grows and you get more views and subscribers, your links get more authority.

This increases your website ranking and you get more quality traffic to your website.

Like you do on other social media platforms, you can as well announce sales on YouTube.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a Google product that shows local businesses to people who search for terms related to such businesses.

This makes it very important in getting customers close to where your business is located.

For instance, when someone searches for “frozen food store near me”, they are shown frozen food stores located very close to them.

You can include your company address, open hours, contact details and reviews by past customers on the Google My Business account.

Also, Google My Business is like a social media platform for businesses where you can make images, blogs and video posts related to your businesses.

This makes it another channel from which you can drive visitors to your website.

You can post excerpts of your blog articles on your Google My Business account with the “read more” call to action.

This drives people interested in what you have to say to your website – quality traffic.

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Are you interested in driving traffic to your website …

… but you can’t find time to do this.

This article explains the work needed to drive visitors to your website in Nigeria. However, not every small business owner has the time for this.

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