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Don’t see a need for paid ads? Here are some reasons why you should consider paid adverts online.

Social Media platforms are crowded with thousands of businesses. Followers’ attention is divided between you and other business. Paid Ads enlarge your coast to get more attention for your business.

Your ₦1000($3) online ad could reach up to five thousand (5000) people – you see the metrics live. Billboards, radio and other traditional ads are costly and reception can’t be measured.

Online ads don’t fly blindly. You choose who sees your ads based on demographics like age, gender, relationship status etc. and interests like people they follow, where they spend time etc.

Successful ads are measured by some performance metrics which you'll see as ...

website traffic icon

Website traffic

A good website is a poor investment without visitors. Traffic Ads drive visitors to your website. Visitors could become buyers of your products, newsletter subscribers etc.

leads and messages

Leads & messages

Conversion starts with a message (or call) from an interested person. Some ads are measured by the number of people who reach out to you via direct messages.

brand engagement

Brand Engagement

Likes, Comments, Profile views etc. are metrics that validate your brand as engaging. Online branding involves putting out great content people find valuable.

Case Study

BlackWatch NG is a new small watch vendor in Lagos. They deliver amazing watches at affordable prices nationwide. The aim was to expand their customer base and increase brand awareness. I advised we use Facebook Ad to do both. We created an album of their watches and promoted in an engagement campaign. Also, I selected 10 best-selling watches for a WhatsApp message Ad that showed both on Facebook on Instagram. In addition to the screenshot, the business received a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) greater than 100% on the amount spent on the ad campaigns.

"To be honest, I was not expecting any result in the first month, this is amazing. Online ads work!"
online ad expert in Lagos - case study
"To be honest, I was not expecting any result in the first month, this is amazing. Online ads work!"

Online Paid Ads help you deliver your message to the right audience, a large number of the right audience. I’m ready to help you generate massive returns on your ad budget.

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