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I design logos in Lagos and specialize in crafting unique and evergreen logos and brand assets.

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Professional Logo Designer in Lagos, Nigeria

I take time to understand your business via conversations with you and deep research of your needs before I design your logo. This helps me create a unique brand objective for you.

I know that an effective logo that stands the test of time can’t be built easily or quickly. So I do research on things that have been done and put a lot of thought into it to ensure your logo is distinct from a crowd of competitors.

By the end of your logo design project with me, you’ll have a unique logo that speaks the right message to your potential customers.

You can learn more about my logo design process, which ensures you get the best value for money.

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Best Logo Design Services in Nigeria

When starting your business, a logo design is one of the most crucial steps. This is because you need to start positioning your brand in people’s minds immediately. You don’t want to start up with a poorly designed logo, as a negative perception of your brand would be costly to correct in the future.

Trusting your brand identity to inexperienced logo designers is not wise when you can hire the best logo design company in Nigeria. An experienced logo designer in Lagos who charges you affordable prices and has a logo design portfolio of excellent past jobs for global companies.

Custom Logo Designs by the Best Logo Designers in Lagos, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, or Money Back

Start a conversation with a logo design consultant in Lagos now to get an idea of what you need for your business and get a quote for your specific needs.

Working from Lagos, Nigeria, Wale Marketer is a professional digital marketing consultant for small to medium businesses. Since 2018, Wale Marketer has helped over 50 small businesses in Nigeria and internationally with Digital marketing services (Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Ads, Social Media Management, etc.) and creative services (Logo Design, Web Design, Graphics Design, Video editing, etc.)

If you are looking for logo designers in Lagos, then you are at the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the first session of design work, the number of concepts you get ranges from 2 to 4 depending on your choice – the more options you want, the more you pay. Out of the concepts you get, you get to choose one, which I will send you in several forms for your future use.

Firstly, this is highly unlikely if we both have an open-minded approach to the project (I can guarantee this on my end). We’ll have a further discussion on Google Meet, where I will try to understand what is not working and decide how to continue with the project.

The first draft concepts I present to you stem from our discussion before making any design. This discussion covers information about your brand, your target market, your business goals, your competition, and, in rare cases, your personal taste.

The truth is your business logo is not about you at all, my solutions are based on what is best for your business, not what you like. It works better if you allow me to work on something that works for your business in years to come – not ‘put a shoe because we sell shoes’ or ‘add a lip stain as we are a beauty brand.’

We are human beings, therefore, if we can’t find a common ground, you don’t need to pay the balance. I take 50% upfront to start a logo design project, this is non-refundable. If you don’t like the concepts created and don’t wish to continue further discussions, you should not balance the other 50%.

However, I trust you not to use any assets sent to you as these are mine.

The time it takes to get your logo ranges from 4 days to 2 weeks. How long yours take depends on my schedule, which I’ll let you know before you pay. It also depends on how long you take to respond to messages and the number of times we revise your logo.

Revisions form a part of my logo design process, this ensures you get a logo that satisfies you and helps your business. I can explain why I created your logo in a certain way, but the final decision rests on you.

Changes during the process will be discussed before payment is made. Usually, I give 5 revisions for free; I require ₦5,000 per additional revision after the first five. Don’t let this put you off; most of my clients complete the logo design project before the fifth revision. Also, revisions start only after you have chosen your best concept.

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