Graphics Design Pricing In Nigeria

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Business Card Design

Business Card Design Price In Lagos

Your design will be delivered as a PowerPoint file anyone can edit. This gives you consistent business card designs.


letterhead Design

letterhead design in Nigeria

Communicate your brand with class using a memorable letterhead design. Delivered as an editable Microsoft Word file.


Flyer Design

flyer design in lagos

First impression matters a lot. Promote your business impressively with flyers designed to wow. 


book cover Design

book cover design in lagos

You’ve created a masterpiece. Order a custom-designed cover that presents your book well to potential buyers.


Banner Design

Banner Design - Graphics design pricing in Nigeria

Whether for big billboards or small to medium flex banners, your designs should pass the message and be memorable.


Online Ad Design

Your online paid ad creative needs to capture attention. Order stunning online advert designs that drive sales.


Rollup Banner Design

rollup banner design in lagos

Rollup banners are essential for promoting your business in open spaces. Get a high-resolution that prints well.


logo design

logo design in nigeria

Your logo will be a memory cue for prospects. Order a memorable logo that never goes out of vogue.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Graphics Design in Nigeria

To get your flyer designed in Nigeria, you need at least ₦4,999 for the services of a professional graphics designer.

Yes, you can design your flyer on tools like Canva or get a cheap graphics designer to get your flyer done.

However, this may cost your business in the long run as these two options may not deliver your message in a way that your potential customers will understand.

Hire the services of a professional graphics designer in Lagos to create a kickass flyer for your business.

If you’re looking to get your flyers printed in Nigeria, you could be looking at a charge of at least ₦7,499 for 100 pieces of flyers.

How much you print your flyers in Nigeria depends on;

  1. The size
  2. The quantity
  3. Delivery

It costs more to print an A4 flyer compared to A6 flyer – the lowest size.

Printing companies in Nigeria print a minimum order quantity of 100 copies of flyers. Therefore, the amount you are charge increase proportionately as your order quantity increases.

Some printing companies offer massive discounts on big orders of flyer printing.

Also, printing companies charge walk-in customers differently from online customers. Usually, you need to pay a delivery fee to get your flyer orders delivered to your doorstep.

To get your business card designed in Nigeria, you need at least ₦4,999 for the services of a professional graphics designer.

You can have your business card designed by your printer. However, you probably won’t get a functional design since it was done for free.

Also, you can design your business card on free tools like Adobe CC Express or Canva. However, your business card will look similar to that of millions of other people out there.

A professional graphic designer can add distinctive features like barcodes or brand patterns to your business card.

Hire a professional graphics designer in Nigeria to create a distinct business card for you.

Business Card printing in Nigeria costs between ₦3,000 and ₦11,000 for 100 copies. This price depends on;

  • Thickness
  • Finishing/lamination
  • Sides
  • Special features

For instance, it costs around ₦9,000 to print 100 copies of two-sided business cards with a thickness of 300gsm thickness and a gloss finish. The same quantity of square one-sided business cards with 600gsm thickness with matte finish would cost around ₦7,000 to print.

Naturally, the more copies you print, the higher you pay. However, if your order is enormous, you can get access to special discounts. 

This price excludes delivery charges in case you want your business cards delivered to your doorstep.