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Get a website tailor-made for your needs. Personal, corporate, or eCommerce website that looks awesome across devices. Easily editable in the future.

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Why you need a website in Lagos

Being online goes beyond social media accounts, you need an actual home on the internet. That’s a website! Here are 6 reasons a website is a must for your business.

Always Open For Business

Unlike your offline store (and you, human), your website is always awake to receive visitors. Think about a salesperson who never rests 24/7, all year long.

Gives You Credibility

People have strong bias towards businesses with website. A website tells them your business is real and and won’t run away with their money.

Win the Competition

A website puts you firmly above your competitors if they don’t have one. You can amplify your winning unique selling points if your competitors have websites.

Reach more people

Your physical office or store is  limited to a number of people. A website can open you up to the world and expand your business to a global audience.

Own Your Brand Message

own your message

Your voice on social media is restricted by the platforms’ character limits, policies etc.. On your website, you can say anything about your brand, it’s your turf 😉 

Display Your Work

Display your work

Including a portfolio, gallery or case studies in your website helps people decide to work with you. You can also add testimonials from past clients.

Your website depends on your type of business. I’ll build you a website that fits right into your business plan.

Some people can’t afford a full website. The good news is not every business needs a full website. A simple landing page can contain everything a website needs to deliver results.

Multiple pages give you a chance to say more. Every page is a landing page with the aim of educating people about your brand, further convincing them to take profitable action.

Integrated with a payment gateway, your eCommerce website makes you money while you sleep. All you need do is promote your products to the right audience and drive traffic to your website.

Some past web design projects.

Find below video displays of some of my past website design projects. If you would feel the magic yourself, watch the videos directly on YouTube and find links to the websites in the video descriptions.

web designer in Nigeria
Play Video about web designer in Nigeria
Sanger Diagnostics Website by the best web designer in Nigeria
Play Video about web designer in Nigeria
Play Video about website designer in Nigeria

web design packages for result-driven businesses

These web design packages are for small business owners who understand the importance of a custom-designed website as a marketing tool. I’ll build your website with a vision of how every block will affect your business. Yes, you can get your website cheaper. But ask yourself;

Do I want a cheap website or an effective marketing asset?

Do you want clarification? LiveChat me.

Invest in your business with custom web design services. Get a responsive website Optimized for SEO by a freelance web designer in Lagos.

I don’t just design websites, I provide a tool that solves problems for your business.

You no longer have to send product pictures to people, tell them ‘visit our website’.

You no longer need to send people your bank details and hope they pay – people ready to pay will find your website and pay even before you contact them.

Your website can do a lot more. Fill the form to upgrade your business to the future.



1 Page Only

FREE Tracking Code Installation

SEO Copywriting




2 – 10 Pages

FREE Tracking Code Installation

SEO Copywriting

Blog Setup



2 – 10 Pages

FREE Tracking Code Installation

Blog Setup

SEO Copywriting

20 Product Uploads

Payment Gateway

website design Frequently asked questions

What I’ll do for you is no secret. Here’s my website design process;

1. Understand Your Specific Needs

For me, every website design project is unique. I’ll get to know you, talk about your business. We’ll discuss how your website could help marketing your business.

2. Create a Project Scope

I’ll create a detailed scope of the project and set any cost outside the ones listed above

3. Create Your Copy

This is the backbone of your website – Texts. It is important to write this before we build your website. The text gives an idea of how I’ll lay it all out.

4. Design Your Website

Here, I’ll create your website by spacing out the created text above using website building blocks and related images.

5. Revisions

This is the first time you see your live website. I take notes about what you think and do some more work based on your specifications.

6. Launch & Handover

I send you handover the login details to your new website. You can make edits whenever you need to – ask for help if you need me.

7. Support

Well, I do more than design websites. I can help you with social media marketing and online ads. This with the aim of getting the most out of your new website.

I require an investment of 70% of any web design cost upfront. The rest will be paid when you are hyper-satisfied with your website. Then I hand over your login details.

  • Your logo
  • Background knowledge of your business – I need this to write your copy
  • Images

Don’t have a logo, I can design a logo for you.

Don’t have images?

I can get some stock images for free or add premium stock images to your charges.

Single page and corporate websites take between 2 – 6 weeks. eCommerce web design projects take between 1 – 3 months. Time varies depending on how complicated your website is.

Data is gold.

Small business owners need to have store data on their websites. They can use such data to improve their website marketing efforts in the future.

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels are essential to help you target people who have been on your website.

This is part of my effort to make your website a great marketing asset.

Have other tracking codes that need installing?

I can help with those before we launch your website.

The same as a fresh design, probably more. The reason being, I’ll go through the same process as I will a brand that has never had a website before.

Not necessarily.

It is a digital world, we can have a virtual meeting. We need to have a mutual understanding of what we wish to achieve. This we do in the consultation phase.