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Here's the thing ...

You’ve probably tried it on your own with Boost Post on your Facebook Page or the Promote Button on Instagram. You didn’t get much value for your money and, you think;

Facebook Ads don’t work.

I love to break it to you. Facebook Ads work very well, you are just doing it wrong.

Why should I trust you to set up my Facebook Ads?

why you should work with facebook ad expert

For more than 4 years, I have perfected several techniques for targeting Facebooks Ads. I have tested these techniques on my business and my clients.

Together, we’ve achieved a lot of results and learnt a lot of lessons. I’m offering you a shortcut to Facebook Ads success based off of years of testing Ad creatives, placements, and narrowed interests.

Working with me, you won’t be starting from ground zero.

why you should work with facebook ad expert

Is Facebook Ad for me?

If you believe you can grow your business by getting a lot of eyes on your business, then Facebook Ad is for you. The reasons for this are;

  • Facebook is the most inclusive social media platform on earth. You can laser-target your Ad to be shown to your ideal customer.
  • Depending on how your Ad is set up, 1000 Naira can show your Ad to up to 5000 people. Can 5000 people walk past your store daily?

Want to know more about how Facebook Ads can help your own business?

I have great news!

Facebook Ad is not just about that social media platform with blue logo. It involves Instagram, WhatsApp and a host of websites and Apps worldwide.

No, your advert won’t show on WhatsApp. However, I can set up your Ad to show on Facebook, Instagram and a host of websites and Apps worldwide. People on said platforms can send you a message directly on WhatsApp.

Ain’t that sweet 😉

FAQs about Facebook Ads Service.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Facebook Advertisement. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me for clarification.

Sure, you can! Although most Facebook campaigns ask for a website URL, there are ways business owners can run profitable Ads.

  • You can run engagement ads to improve influence reactions on your Facebook and Instagram page posts.
  • Lead generation ads to collect an interested audience for your product or service.
  • Message ads to get messages on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
  • App installs ads to drive downloads of your App.

Note that all Facebook ad campaigns require a Facebook page.

If you are ready to upgrade your business, I have the best web design pricing in Lagos.

Facebook Ads not only generate important data for your business, they can put your present business data to profitable use.

If you have a large database of past customers, I’ll create a campaign targeted at these people on Facebook – you can send new offers to past customers with this.

I can as well create a campaign that targets millions of people with similar interests to your present customers/clients.

How much your Facebook Ad costs you in Nigeria depends on if you are setting up the Ads yourself or hiring a Facebook Ad expert.

The minimum you can spend on a Facebook Ad campaign daily is around $1, that’s approximately ₦500. This means you need at least ₦15,000 in a 30-day month. ₦15,000 is the minimum you need to spend on Facebook Ads monthly if you are doing it yourself.

Conversely, if you hire a Facebook Ad expert, you’ll need to pay his or her professional charges in order to get your Ads up and running. Some Facebook Ad consultants have a minimum budget requirement for them to work with you.

At present, I require a minimum budget of ₦30,000/30-days to work with you. I charge 30% of your ad budget to work on your Facebook ads.

For instance, if your ad budget is ₦100,000, I’ll charge ₦30,000 on that. Bringing your total to ₦130,000.

That depends on where you convert your customers.

The Facebook Network which includes;

  • The Facebook website and Apps – Messenger and Facebook App.
  • Instagram App
  • The two WhatsApp Apps

A boosted post allows you to grow your business within this Facebook ecosystem. For instance, you can add a WhatsApp button to your post and boost it for people to send you message directly on WhatsApp.

On the other hand, Ad campaigns can take your business beyond the Facebook ecosystem. Your Ads can be shown on websites and Apps Facebook has publishing partnership with. This is very useful in remarketing – when you need to chase interested people around with irresistible offers.

Boosted post are great for small business owners who can’t afford Facebook Ad specialists and find the Ad manager difficult to use. However, if you want more, try mastering the use of Facebook Ad Manager in setting up your Ads or just hire a Facebook Ad expert 😉

If you mean running Ads for free, absolutely not.

However, promoting your business is more than running ads. You can promote your business without running ads through a marketing strategy called content marketing. Whether you do it all for free depends totally on you.

Social Media Marketing includes some elements of content marketing. This involves creating posts solely for the purpose of building a community around your business. As your community grows, you have more audience to sell to, therefore, your business grows.

For you as a business owner, returns on investment means the money in your bank account.

For me as a Facebook Ad expert, returns are metrics like;

  • Messages
  • Website Traffic
  • Leads

I can guarantee that you’ll get all these things. However, much of the work in generating a return on your ad spend is done after these things.

You get messages, yes. Does your customer service representative respond promptly? Do they have all the necessary information to respond to prospects?

I drive a lot of traffic to your website, yes. Does your website convince people to purchase from you?

I get leads for you, yes. Do they find your price reasonable enough? Does your reputation as a consultant help your business?

I am a businessman myself and we don’t need to lie to each other. There are a lot of things you need to put in place before you run ads.

Leave the ads to me and plug other leaks in your sales funnel.

In reality, the best place to promote your business is where your audience lives online. There is even a possibility that either form of Ads won’t work for your type of business. In fact, there are some industries that are restricted by both Ad platforms.

However, if your business is not restricted by either Google or Facebook. The question is; which of them will work for you?

Facebook audiences are targeted based on what they are interested in while you pay by the number of times people see your Ads (impressions).

Google audiences are targeted by search intent – the advert you see depends on what you search for – while you pay only when people click your Ads.

Google has a similar structure to Facebook in the Google Display Ads which includes websites all over the world and YouTube. However, Facebook is more profitable for display Ads because you can collect your result immediately as messages or in-app engagement – you can’t like a Google image or YouTube Ad, you can only click.

In my experience, Facebook Ads can work for the ‘smallest’ business in Nigeria since you don’t need a website to create one. You can start with as little as 3,000 for a week.

Yes, you can create Google Ads without a website. However, people are primed to expect a full-blown website behind every Google Ad click. The disappointment of getting a Google Map page or an Instagram account may affect negatively.

These are just random thoughts on both platforms, you can contact me for a comprehensive consultation on both Ad platforms.

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