How Much Does It Cost to Learn Web Design in Nigeria?

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Nigeria is growing gradually towards the digital space. In 5 to 10 years, a website will become a basic necessity for small business owners. This makes web design a lucrative career path or a good skill to learn to stay indispensable. This article examines how much to learn web design in Nigeria and other web design details.

Learning web design in Nigeria could cost you as low as ₦20,000 to as much as ₦500,000. How much you pay to learn web design in Nigeria depends on what you expect from the training program and who you learn from.

Is web design profitable in Nigeria?

Yes, web design is profitable in Nigeria. The profitability of web designers and web design agencies in Nigeria will improve over the next decade. As more small business owners in the country understand the importance of websites, web design companies will get more website projects.

Is web design a good career in Nigeria?

Website design is one of the most pursued careers in Nigeria. Due to the innovation, clinics, facilities, hotels, resorts, eateries, and others have websites.

Websites are becoming well known to such an extent that they might be known as a “need” in almost every organization and business. Pay isn’t the main component when choosing a career or changing to another career path, yet most of us unquestionably think about it too. With contemplations like, “Would it cover my needs?”

A web designer’s pay is certainly not modest. The typical salary of a web designer in Nigeria is between ₦150,000 to ₦500,000 monthly, making it perhaps the most lucrative career path in the country. In Nigeria, most website specialists and designers earn more than those in administrative roles. A junior web designer earns between ₦70,000 to 200,000, while experts make over ₦500,000 monthly.

Where can I learn web designing in Nigeria?

Where you learn web design in Nigeria depends on your location and your budget. The truth is you can learn the basics for free on YouTube. This helps you decide if it’s for you.

Once decided, you can do your training with one of these ten web design training companies in Nigeria;

1. CK Digital Academy

2. Nurtured Scills

3. Biz Marrow

4. Aitechma

5. BrandWone ICT

6. Nerdy Eye

7. Web Academy

8. Albanian Solutions

9. Torilo Academy

10. Eloquent Academy

Best web design course in Nigeria

Amongst the list of web design training courses or programs in Nigeria, CK Digital has the most positive reviews on Google. This makes their web design course the best in Nigeria.

How difficult is it to learn web design in Nigeria?

It is not hard to learn website design in Nigeria. You can learn it on YouTube, purchase courses online or train with tech training companies in Nigeria. Mastering web design is a practice; you improve by doing it. If you train via the means and put in the work, you should be able to build a standard website in 3 – 6 months.

How Much to Learn Web Design in Nigeria

The cost of learning web design varies based on;

  • Location
  • Mode of training
  • Training Company
  • Web design tool

Factors that affect the cost of web design training

1. Location

Like most things in Nigeria, web design training costs more for those living in Lagos than those outside the state. Also, trainees may want to factor in the transportation costs through the course of the training into their total costs. A way to reduce the costs due to location is to participate in online training programs or take the hybrid training option when available. This way, you have your training online for aspects you don’t need to be on-site. 

2. Mode of training

There are usually three modes of training;

  1. Online
  2. Hybrid
  3. Physical

Studies prove that trainees tend to understand more if training is taken physically. However, with the increasing level of engagement of online training programs, physical training programs are gradually becoming unnecessary.

A significant drawback to online training programs is pre-recorded sessions, where you buy a course, and what you do is watch videos already recorded by the training company. You can’t ask questions when you need to, and no form of mentorship after the training.

Therefore, if you are sure you can learn anything on your own and have access to other resources like YouTube videos or a network of expert web designers, you can choose the online option.

3. Training Company

How much you pay for web design training also factors in costs accrued by the training company you choose to work with. This cost includes;

  • Length of the training
  • Hiring the facilitator
  • Refreshment
  • Training space if they are renting
  • Accommodation if you or the facilitator are travelling in for the training
  • Course materials
  • Stable internet connection and power supply

These are factored into the total cost of training and a profit margin for them. You can see from the price listed above why online training courses for web design will cost less than physical training. This is because costs like refreshment, accommodation, internet/power supply, and more are deducted from the training price.

4. Web design tool

Like a flyer, business card, or logo design, You can create a website with loads of tools, including;

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Webflow
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Visual Studio Code

Most web designers in Nigeria design with WordPress. Hence, most web design training companies teach you how to create with WordPress. However, since WordPress training is readily available, this drives up the training costs for other tools if they are available.

Web design coding involves the use of HTML or Laravel. Coding serves you as a web designer if you want to become a full-stack developer. However, this is harder to master. Therefore, companies that train you to code will charge more for their training programs.

Cost of web design training

To learn web design online, you can start with free training on YouTube or try web design courses on Udemy for as low as ₦4,500.

If you want a ‘relationship’ with your trainer while taking an online program, you may want to try online web design training programs in Nigeria that come with mentorship. These cost between ₦20,000 to ₦100,000.

For web design novices looking for global certifications in web design/development, you may want to try expensive courses priced in dollars by platforms like career foundry.

For those looking to learn web design with physical training, the minimum cost to learn how to build a WordPress website is ₦20,000 for a day’s training. However, building a standard website takes more than a day. Therefore, you might want to invest over two weeks in learning from professional web designers. Furthermore, after your training, you also need to practice your web design skills. 2 weeks of web design training cost between ₦50,000 to ₦200,000, depending on the abovementioned factors.

In conclusion

Web design is one of theNigeria’sst most profitable digital skills, and this article explained how much it costs to learn web design in Nigeria. It takes time and effort to become a web designer in Nigeria.