6 sure ways to drive engagement on your social media pages

Social media pages are essential for marketing your business. They are free of charge and if managed properly, can help you save your advertising budget.

On social media, your business is driven by content. Content is the message you pass across via your pages. This could be in form of text, images or videos.

How far your brand goes on social media depends on how much people react to your content. These reactions include likes, shares, comments etc. which are together termed engagement.

The more engaged your audience (followers) are, the faster you grow. Here are six ways you can drive engagement on your social media pages.

1. Ask and It shall be given onto you

Yes, your content is amazing. What next? Scroll to the next content obviously.

Don’t assume people know what to do after enjoying your content. Attach a call to action to your content, tell them what next.

  • Enjoyed this? Please like.
  • Sharing is caring, share this with a friend.
  • What do you think? Tell me in the comments.
  • Want a reference for the future? Then you should save.

2. Post content people want to “see”

We are visual beings, we prefer to be shown. Images, videos help us remember than words.

Add relevant images or videos to your post.

3. Run contests and giveaways

The hope of winning something for free drives people to action.

Want to drive massive engagement on your content?

Create a contest or give out something for free. Make sure entries are registered by engagement actions e.g. likes, tag a friend, shares etc.

4. Post your past customers rocking your products

User-generated content is proof that ‘real’ humans use your products.

Ask customers to tag your page when they post pictures with products bought from you.

Repost these pictures on your timeline.

This tells people that you serve ‘people like them’ and they pay back with engagement.

5. Post valuable content.

Yes, you want to sell, so you post your products and offers.

You’re not the only one selling that product, so people come to your page to compare prices.

How about you post something that helps people?

Like how to use your product, like how to repair your product, like how to extend the lifespan of your product.

Valuable content like these helps keep people as your followers for later conversion.

6. Share content you find valuable.

You are also a consumer of content.

You enjoy some content. Share these with people who follow your brand.

It gives them a glimpse into your passion, making you seem more human.