Domain Name Registration in Nigeria: How much does it cost to buy a Domain Name in Nigeria?

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Without domain names, people can only visit your website by typing a string of numbers into their browsers. That’s not funny, right? Imagine having to recall 8 numbers for all the popular websites you frequently visit. Thanks to domain names, you don’t have to do that. Most businesses use their name as their domain names, hence, it is easier to recall. This article explains how much it costs to register a domain name for your business in Nigeria.

Buying a domain name in Nigeria usually costs between ₦1,000 – ₦40,000 yearly. This price depends on where you are buying from (the registrar) as well as what type of domain name you are buying.

What is a Domain Name?

At its simplest, your domain name is the address of your home (your website) online.

A domain name is your business’s address online i.e. where people can find you.

To visit your website, your domain name is what people type into their browser.

Why do I need a Domain Name?

The Internet is a worldwide network of computers linked together via cables. 

Each computer has an IP address, which is a string of digits that identify a specific computer on the internet. An IP address looks something like this:


It’s tough to memorize an IP address like this. Imagine having to browse your favourite websites with such numbers.

Domain names were created to address this issue.

You no longer need to input a long string of digits to view a website.

Instead, type an easy-to-remember domain name into your browser’s address bar to access it.

A good example of a domain name is, obviously 😉

What are the types of Domain Names?

Many distinct extensions are available for domain names.

We all know .com.

Others include .net, .tv ,.info, .io, and lots more.

However, I always recommend .com as it is second nature to netizens.

People naturally type .com after any brand name.

Here are the different types of domain names;

Top-Level Domains – TLDs

Top-level Domains, TLDs are generic domain extensions at the top of the domain name system.

There are several TLDs online of which the most popular is .com used by over 50% of websites online.

Other popular TLDs are .org, and .net.

Refrain from using lesser know TLDs like .info, .club, .io, etc.

Country Code Top-Level Domains – ccTLDs

Country code top-level domains, ccTLDs, are domain names that finish in a country code extension, e.g .ng for Nigeria.

A ccTLD is a domain extension that is unique to that country.

It is made up of two letters that are based on international country codes.

ccTLD is beneficial for businesses that target people in a single country or global businesses that need to create distinct content for different countries where they have quantifiable interests e.g is the homepage for Google in Nigeria.

Generic Top-Level Domains – gTLDs

A generic top-level domain is one that does not need the use of a country code.

There are no requirements for obtaining a gTLD.

Some extensions, however, are sponsored by certain agencies or groups.

Some generic TLDs are only available to certain sorts of registrants.

For instance, academic bodies like universities use .edu, while government parastatals use .gov.

Most domain name registrants require you to provide proof that you belong in a category for you to use a gTLD.

What is the difference between a Domain Name and a URL?

Domain name and URL (Universal Resource Locator) are usually confused with one another.

While in use, a domain name forms a part of a URL.

A URL is a full web address that guides visitors to a specific page on a website.

For example, above is actually

Imagine the visitor is looking to visit my social media marketing page, the URL of that page is;

image showing the Components of a URL

The domain name is constant throughout the pages on my website, always.

A URL is made up of three parts: protocol, domain, and path.

The protocol indicates whether or not a website has an SSL certificate.

Only when directing users to a specific page on a website does a URL have a path.

For my ‘social media marketing page’, the path is /social-media-marketing.

Can I get a domain name for free in Nigeria?

The most common way to get a free domain name is by purchasing a website hosting plan.

Most hosting companies in Nigeria and across the world offer certain domain names for free along with their hosting plans.

However, if what you need is just a domain name for free, you can look for domain name registrars who provide domain names free of charge.

The most popular of these is freenom.

Rather than the common .com, your domain name can be untrustworthy-looking domain extensions like .tk.

You should consider whether saving ₦1,000 a year is worth the risk of poor branding before getting a free domain.

How do I buy a domain name in Nigeria?

Step 1 – Make a Preference List of Domain Names

There is a probability of the domain name you want being already registered by another person.

Therefore, you need to make a list of domain names you can use in order of preference, from the one you most prefer to the least preferred.

The names you choose must have a real bearing on your business, so you don’t mislead people.

Your business name is the safest option if it is available.

Add up to 5 names on your preference list.

Step 2 – Check Domain Name Availability

You can check if the domain name you want is available even if you are not ready to buy.

Most domain name registrants have a domain availability checker tool readily available on their website.

Type in your preferred domain names from the most preferred until you find one available for purchase. 

Step 3 – Choose a Domain Name Registrar

Your domain name registrar is the company you buy (rent) your domain name from.

Domain names are paid for yearly, so it is important you pick a registrar that has a reputation for providing great customer support.

You can look at local domain name registrants in Nigeria like Whogohost or Qservers.

I usually recommend international domain name registrant, especially Namecheap.

Step 4 – Buy Your Domain Name

Usually, after you type in your preferred domain name, the tool returns its availability status along with its cost.

Go ahead to make your purchase via a simple eCommerce transaction with your international debit card.

Most registrants require you to register a user account with them from where you can monitor your purchase and request support where necessary.

How much does it cost to register a domain name in Nigeria?

There is no limit to the domain name extensions available, therefore, one article can’t contain the cost of domain names in Nigeria.

However, domain names in Nigeria cost between ₦1,000 – ₦40,000 yearly depending on the registrar and the domain name extension you are looking to buy.

The table below shows the average yearly price of domain names for .com, .ng,, .net, .co and .org

Domain Name ExtensionCost (Per Year)
Table showing how much it costs to buy a domain name in Nigeria

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