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Winning on Social Media involves getting your brand message across to a large number of the ‘right people’. This is what I do! I’ll also help convert them to brand ambassadors. Do you want to win on Social Media?

5 Reasons You Need Professional Social Media Marketing Services.

Most small business owners only see the surface value of social media marketing. Promoting your business on social media marketing goes beyond followers, likes and DMs. Here are five strong reasons you should pay more attention to social media.

1. Reach People Where They Spend Time

Over 32 Million Nigerians are active on Facebook. Of this, 10.5 Million are people aged between 25 to 34. This tells that social media plays an important role in people’s daily lives. Without proper social media marketing for your business, you are losing out tangible connection with potential customers.

2. Exposes Your Brand To New People

Social media platforms are great for exposing your brand to more people i.e. brand awareness. This stage is very important in people’s journey to become your customer. Use Ads to expose your brand to new people and great content to convert them to loyal followers who will later buy what you sell.

3. Includes Awesome Customer Service

On social media, there’s room for quick chat and feedback. A lot of people use social media to ask questions about products or services. Therefore, a professional social media marketing strategy includes customer service which builds valuable relationships between you and your customers.

4. Gets You Crucial Data For Progressive Promotion

Result-oriented social media marketing thrives on data. Data like who visited your profile, who clicked your call-to-action button etc. Documenting data like these help when you need to promote your business to people who care. People who have interacted with you once or several times before.

5. It Creates Brand Ambassadors For Free

With great customer service quality products and valuable content, you can use social media to create an army of ambassadors. These are past customers who toot your horn to their friends and family.

What I'll do for you

Your business’s outlook on social media needs your attention. A great outlook is the result of high quality content posted consistently and optimized to reach more people. That’s where I come in!

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Content Creation

Great content is the backbone of marketing. It educates people about your brand or help you promote an offer. You need to give information in ways that capture and keep attention.

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Hashtag Research

The right hashtags puts your brand in front of your target audience, even if they haven’t connected with you before. In simple terms, hashtags gets you reach without an ad budget.

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Influencer Marketing

The best item to purchase is that recommended by some you respect, right? Yes! That’s influencer marketing. Getting to your target audience using popular people they follow online.

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Community Building

Word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing. ‘Big brands’ have thousands of people talking about them. This happens when you patiently build a community around your brand i.e. have a lot of loyal followers.

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Reporting and metrics

Numbers don’t lie! They help you know what works. When it works, you repeat it. A weekly report helps you know your number. Hence, you run a data-driven business. My digital marketing freelance service includes this.

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Paid Adverts

Businesses are fighting a reach battle with themselves and the algorithms of social platforms. Invest money in paid adverts to reach new people with your offers. After all, you spend money to make money.

Best social media marketing packages for small businesses

Need an idea of price? I have nothing to hide. I offer social media services at cost-effective prices in Lagos. Look at the prices below to find what works for you.



Includes ₦10K – 15K Boosted Post Ad Spend

30 social media posts

4 boosted posts

No influencer campaign

8 custom post designs

Monthly report



Includes ₦20K – 30K Boosted Post Ad Spend

30 social media posts

 8 boosted posts

₦10K influencer campaign

15 custom post designs

Monthly report



Includes ₦30K – 50K Boosted Post Ad Spend

60 social media posts

10 boosted posts

₦20K influencer campaign

30 custom post designs

Weekly report


For thriving businesses whose needs go beyond the above


What You Need TO Do On Social Media in 2022

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Tired of getting the same poor results on social media?

Somethings needs to change this year, I have made a list of what you need to do to improve your social media pages. It’s free if you want it 😉

There's something you should understand ...

Organic reach for social media posts has declined dramatically. Therefore, actions like posts shares and including hashtags in your post won’t help much. Boosting your posts expose your great content to more people.

Boosted posts don’t guaranty sales, app downloads, website visits and all other actions that impact your result. For this, you need a paid ad strategy which more than social media adverts. My online paid ads service is made for this and it costs friendlier 😉

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Wale is communicative, time-conscious, and responsive to feedback. He implements change requests. He blew my mind so much that I have referred him to many colleagues.
keji Yusuff
CEO, Dakitz Beauty
We were at the point of giving up. Wale came on and double our return on ad spend in one month. Yes! The business survived and he has been our Social Media Expert in Lagos since then.
Lara Balogun
Co-founder, BlackWatch NG
He delivered the exposure we needed for our business. He created and tested several ad types against one another. The video he created is now a threshold ad for the company.
Gbenga Samuel
MD, MGS Travels

Social Media Marketing is more than ‘posting and hoping’. It’s time for result-oriented efforts on social media, don’t you think?

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