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Getting people’s attention and standing out is vital for the success of your advertising. Making an engaging ad isn’t as complicated as you might think! Keep reading to learn how to improve ads and get more people to buy from you. Whether advertising a product, service, or event, you can follow these 11 design tips for engaging ads.

1. Always include a clear call to action (CTA)

A clear call to action is important because it tells people what to do after reading your content. People in this country are known for having a lively market and a wide range of consumer behaviours. A good call to action (CTA) helps potential customers make smart decisions. Use action verbs and phrases common in Nigerian culture to make people feel like they must act immediately.

2. Know your Audience

You need to know your audience to make targeted and relevant ads to Nigerians’ culture. Nigeria’s people are of many different races, languages, and traditions, so the country needs a nuanced approach. Think about lifestyle choices, regional preferences, and socio-economic factors. By ensuring your message fits with Nigerians’ values and goals, you create a stronger connection that goes beyond advertising and has a long-lasting effect.

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3. Keep it simple

In Nigerian advertising, keeping things simple is the key to getting your message across. People constantly get messages, so keeping your ad simple will help people understand and remember it. Use simple language and clear images to explain your product or service straightforwardly. This method gets people’s attention and speaks to the practical and time-conscious Nigerian audience.

4. Design for a specific ad format

You must ensure it fits the ad format to get the most out of your design. There are a lot of different media platforms in Nigeria, so it’s important to know what each one needs. Whether it’s a static billboard or a dynamic social media ad, ensuring your images and message work with the format makes sure your ad looks good and gets your message across.

5. Be smart about the font you use

It’s not just about how the font looks; it also affects how easily it is read and how people think of the brand. Choose fonts easily read in various languages and cultural settings in Nigeria, where language diversity is common. Finding the right balance between style and clarity will help your message reach more people, making your communication more effective.

6. Keep your brand consistent

In advertising, consistency is critical. With so many brands competing for attention, keeping your brand’s identity consistent builds trust and familiarity. Ensure that the colours, logos, and images you use are the same across all your channels. Nigerian customers will trust your brand more if you are consistent, which builds its personality.

7. Use colours carefully

Colours have deep cultural and emotional meanings. To communicate clearly, you need to know how colours are used in different cultures. Nigerian culture is very active, so bright and warm colours often go well with it. However, cultural sensitivity should guide colour choices to avoid misunderstandings. Using colours with care will ensure that your ad gets people’s attention and speaks to their cultural feelings.

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8. Keep your text short

Short messages are crucial in our fast-paced society where time is valuable. Write catchy headlines and short copy that gets your point across quickly. Don’t use jargon or long explanations that aren’t needed. A short message makes it easier for people to quickly understand what they need to know, which increases the likelihood that they will engage.

9. Follow design principles

Ads look better and seem more professional when they follow design principles like balance, contrast, and alignment. These rules will help you arrange the parts of your ad to look good and make an impact, whether on a digital platform or in a traditional print publication. A well-designed ad gets people’s attention, conveys its message clearly, and helps build a positive brand image.

10. Use high-quality visuals

Appealing to the eye is a language that everyone can understand. In Nigeria, where beauty is highly valued, it is essential to use high-quality visuals. You should spend money on professional photos, graphics, and images that fit your brand and appeal to Nigerians’ visual tastes. An ad that looks good gets people’s attention and gives off an air of quality and trustworthiness.

11. Maintain visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy guides the viewer’s attention and ensures that essential parts get the attention they deserve. Nigeria has a lot of different advertising spaces, so keeping a visual hierarchy is important for clear communication. If you want to draw attention to a limited-time offer or a new product, arrange visual elements to strengthen your message and guide the viewer’s attention meaningfully.

What catches the eye in advertising?

Advertising has a lot of parts that work together to get people’s attention. Many successful ads use more than one of these parts:

  • Bright, contrasting colours can get people’s attention immediately. They make you feel something and make a striking visual impact. Your chosen colors should fit your brand and appeal to your target audience.
  • Visuals that are both high-quality and relevant can grab people’s attention. Visual appealing images, like a striking photo, an interesting illustration, or a clever graphic, can convey a message clearly and make lasting impressions.
  • Using unique fonts that look good can help your message stand out. The typography must be easy to read and show who your brand is. To make text more interesting and unique, you can use fonts creatively.
  • A design that is clean and easy to use often works better. Clear images and short text keep the viewer from being overwhelmed, so they can quickly reach the main point. Keeping things simple also fits with current design trends.
  • People remember ads that make them feel something. Whether through humour, nostalgia, or empathy, ads that make people feel something are more powerful and likely to be shared.
  • Your ad will stand out from the others if it is unique. Advertisements that stand out are more likely to be seen and remembered. This can be done through a unique idea, style, or message.
  • Moving images can get people’s attention in digital ads. Adding animated elements, videos, or GIFs can make your ad more engaging. But it’s essential to keep the viewer’s experience in check and keep the movement manageable.
  • Curiousity makes people want to read more about the ad, whether through a clever twist in the message, an unexpected image, or a headline that makes them think.


Remember that advertising is powerful not only because of how it looks but also because it speaks to people on a cultural level. These are also the keys to making real connections. Use these tips in your next campaign, whether you want to reach people in Nigeria’s cities or rural areas. Let the stories in your ads grab people’s attention, make them think, and ultimately get them to act. Feel free to contact me for one-on-one consultations on online paid ads in Nigeria.