4 Reasons Why You Should Run Facebook Ads For Your Business

Whether you provide services or sell products, Facebook ads can help you achieve your business goals. Not paying Facebook (Instagram by extension) to show your business to more people (organic growth) is great, however, it takes time and patience for results to show.

If you are looking for something that drives immediate results as you simultaneously work on growing organically, then Facebook ads are for you. Whether you just which to expose more people to your brand or generate revenue, you’ll learn four reasons why you should run Facebook ads for your business. 

4 benefits of advertising on Facebook

The Facebook ecosystem includes facebook.com (the website), the Facebook App, Facebook Messenger, the Instagram App, WhatsApp Messenger (standard and business). In addition, using Facebook ads can grant your business access to millions of websites and apps across the internet.

Content creation and referrals can only do so much for your business. The following advantages of using Facebook Ads will convince you to try Facebook ads for your business.


The minimum you can spend on Facebook is around $1 per day, that’s less than ₦500, approximately ₦15,000 ad budget for a month. The icing on the cake is that you don’t need to have this to start, you can make your money and pay Facebook after if you set up a post-paid account.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t mean you should spend ₦15,000 and expect the best returns. The more you spend, the more people Facebook shows your ad to.

Spending more on your ad campaigns also give you a chance to test a lot of variables in order to find what works for your business. Once you have an ad that works, you can focus your budget on that and scale up gradually to reach more people.

Extensive and Comprehensive Data

Facebook audience data includes details like age, gender, location, devices etc. You know who you wish to sell to, jot down these parameters as they relate to your audience. Then set up your ads with these parameters.

As you run your ad, these details about your audience go to work in finding the best fit for your offer. You can optimize your campaign by using unique and extensive data from your ad campaign.

Different Campaign Types

Whether you are just starting out your business on Facebook Ads or you’ve been at it for a while, there are different campaign types to satisfy your needs;

  • Brand awareness campaigns are great for exposing new business (or offers) to new people.
  • Engagement ads are great for driving and registering interest in your brand.
  • Traffic ads are for driving visitors to your website.
  • Message ads are great for generating chat responses to your ads.
  • Conversion ads are great for generating revenue for your business outside Facebook e.g. on an eCommerce website.

Unlike a platform like Google Ads, you don’t need a website to launch a successful Facebook campaign. You can receive messages on your Instagram or Facebook page or your WhatsApp business.

In addition to this, you can run a retargeting campaign that shows your ads to people that have been in contact with your brand before. For instance;

  • People who visited your Instagram profile
  • People who liked your posts
  • People who visited your website and more;

Retargeting campaigns are great for showing your business to people over and over again until they become customers. Try using special discount offers to drive conversions with remarketing campaigns.

Supports Various Media Formats

Another reason you should consider Facebook ads is creative freedom. Unlike YouTube Ads, you don’t need a video to start. You can use a simple product image and there is ample space to write a long text to promote your offer.

Here is an opportunity to display your brand as you see it, without restraints. From horizontal and vertical rectangular formats to square, you have a chance to focus attention on your ads across all Facebook-owned platforms.

Not willing to spend on new creatives? You can always use your previous posts for advertisement. Connecting your page (Facebook or Instagram) to your ad account affords you this opportunity.

In summary, here are four reasons why you should run Facebook ads for your business;

  1. It is budget-friendly
  2. You get access to extensive and comprehensive data
  3. You can set up different campaign types
  4. You can use various ad formats

Need help setting up Facebook Ads?

Setting up Facebook ads for your business can be daunting for a novice. Perhaps you need to focus your time on other aspects of your business. What you need is a Facebook ad expert to take the stress off you.

I am available to discuss your specific Facebook ad needs for your business. Talk is free, let’s talk now.