types of logos for small businesses in Nigeria

If you do your research on types of logos on the internet, you’ll find articles talking about as many as 11 types of logos. I’ll keep it local based on

How to Drive Visitors to your website for free

Congratulations! you have finally done it. You have created a website for your business. However, having a website means nothing when it does not add anything to your bottom line.

the best instagram hashtags for small businesses in Nigeria

Used right, Instagram is a goldmine of engagement and sales for your business. For people to engage with you and buy what you sell, they need to see your posts.

SEO Pricing in Nigeria

How much you pay for SEO services in Nigeria depends on your project scope. SEO pricing in Nigeria also depends on if it is a one time (one month) or a retainer

2021 Leading Logo Designer From Nigeria On Clutch

Are you still looking for a team that can help you with your digital marketing needs? Let me change your mind about that! You don’t exactly need a full team,

How To Sell Your Small Business on Instagram

Instagram remains a great platform to promote a small business. People love to 'see', and Instagram is developing around this tenet. With images, multi-image carousels, videos, stories and reels, you can sell your small business sufficiently. This article explains how to sell your small business on Instagram.

36 Motivational Quotes For Small Business Owners

When you are motivated, you work hard and create new things. Working hard on new things is key to success. When you need clarity and help, these 36 motivational quotes for small business owners can push you.

4 Reasons Why You Should Run Facebook Ads For Your Business

If you are looking for something that drives immediate results as you simultaneously work on growing organically, then Facebook ads are for you. Whether you just which to expose more people to your brand or generate revenue, you'll learn four reasons why you should run Facebook ads for your business. 

If you know the cost of registering a company in Nigeria, then you're ready to jump into the process. Registering your company is quite easy for those willing to personally put in the efforts for their business. This article explains how to register your company in Nigeria with the CAC in 2021.

The cost of registering your company in Nigeria in 2021

This article highlights a list of what the government charges Nigerians for registering their business under the CAC. If you intend to do it yourself, all you need is a simple calculation to find your cost after reading this article.

top 6 digital marketing agencies in Nigeria

There are three levels to running digital marketing for your small business in Nigeria; DIY, Hiring a Freelancer, Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency. This article will advise you on the

Nike’s swoosh icon cost just $186 to Pepsi’s $1,000,000 redesign in 2008. Nike has never changed its logo, everyone knows the swoosh that cost $35 to design. Logo design pricing