Is Web Design Profitable in Nigeria?

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A career in web design or web development could be right for you. If you are considering this path, you need to explore the details to make a design. One of the questions most people seek answers to is – Is Web Design Profitable in Nigeria? This article explores this question as well as others that probably need to be answered if you are prospecting for a career in web design.

Do web designers make a lot of money?

Generally speaking, yes. The average web designer in Nigeria makes ₦100,000 – ₦500,000 per month. The amount web designers in Nigeria make depends on whether they work full-time with a company or as a freelancer. The earning potential of a web designer depends on their skill level and other skills like UI/UX design.

Is web design a promising career in Nigeria?

Yes, web design as a career is promising; however, how advantageous employment in web design is for you depends on your path. If you have a business mind, you can make more money as a web designer by building a web design agency.

You can start a web agency as a web design freelancer, then scale your business to an agency when you have enough clients. Then, hire other web designers to take on web design projects while you focus on getting more clients.

Are web designers in demand in Nigeria?

There are over 80 million internet users in Nigeria. This makes digital marketing necessary for small business owners to build thriving businesses. Most small businesses in Nigeria spread their messages online using social media content marketing. However, they don’t own their social media accounts, and whatever they do must align with the platforms’ rules.

This restriction on social media has pushed small business owners to build a presence outside social media. The most essential presence a small business can have online is its website. A website serves as a home where small businesses can tell their story without restraint – they own their websites entirely.

Therefore, web designers are sought to help small business owners build affordable websites for their businesses. The number of companies with websites in Nigeria is steadily growing. In due time, websites will be ‘normal’ for businesses. Web designers would be at the centre of this movement.

How difficult is web designing?

If you wish to be a web designer, your path is only as difficult as you make it. As with any career, you need to learn how to adapt to the good and bad of web design. You won’t always have easy projects. However, it would help if you challenged projects to grow as a web designer. The more projects you have worked on, the better you get. As time passes, you will relish the challenge.

How can I become a successful web designer in Nigeria?

There are 5 steps to becoming a successful web in Nigeria;

1. Learn from a good web design training centre to build core skills. The best way to learn web design is by doing; ensure the training company you choose has a practical learning environment.

2. Practice what you learned on dummy or real projects. You can take up web design intern roles to hone your skills.

3. Build a personal portfolio website to display your best work. Your portfolio helps potential clients get a feel of your capabilities.

4. Share your process and portfolio on social media. Social media is the cheapest way to put your message out there. Find creative ways to place your message on social media for potential clients to engage with or contact you.

5. Learn the business side of things. Being a web designer is one thing; you create great designs, so what? To thrive with your web design skills, you need to understand the business of design. Follow influential designers on social media to learn how they transformed themselves from web designers to design agency founders.

Where can I learn web design in Nigeria?

There are several training companies in Nigeria offering web design training. The cost of learning web design in Nigeria is between ₦20,000 and  ₦300,000. Your cost depends on your expectations from the training program and the organization you learn from.

In conclusion, web design is profitable in Nigeria if you learn the requisite skills and know how to sell yourself to the right audience. Also, websites don’t automatically translate to returns. People must find and visit websites to learn more about the business and become customers. Therefore, you can learn and offer your clients digital marketing expertise (SEO or social media advertisement).