Logo Design Process

An effective logo that stands the test of time can’t be built easily or quickly. I do research and put a lot of thought to ensure your logo is distinct from a crowd of competitors. By the end of your logo design project with me, you’ll have a unique logo that speaks the proper message to your potential customers.

Find an explanation of my process below …

Creating an evergreen logo for your brand is a stepwise process. Every logo I design is a piece of my soul integrated into your business. I won’t want a wayward piece of me out there now, would I?

It is no secret, after you submit that questionnaire, I have a consultation with you to further understand your business. Then, I brainstorm to come up with original ideas which I sketch.

I recreate these sketches on my software and present to you for revisions. I’ll work with you on revisions until you are hyper-satisfied. To end the process, I’ll deliver your logo in different formats.

After I receive your questionnaire, I do some findings of your industry;

  • Some iconic logos that have been created for that industry.
  • How should customers and prospects perceive your logo (and business)?
  • What’s in your company name? How can I connect it to a logo?
  • We discuss some findings I need to clarify.

This stage helps me feel your need and explore the ecosystem your logo will thrive in.

Logo Design Research - Wale Marketer's Logo Design Process
Brainstorming for Logo Design

Here, I generate ideas based on the research I made.

I organize the ideas I got in my research into understandable chunks and create a mind map of keywords and connections.

Having these keywords words assist me in creating a logo that reflects them. This mind map guides me in creating your logo design concepts.

Next, I’ll find visual portrayals of these words and make a collage of all my ideas. This collection of all my ideas helps me remain focused and on point through the logo design process.

This is my first creative step in designing your logo.

The objective here is to discover a connection between the ideas for your logo and tangible shapes. I draw out several ideas with pencils. I expand these ideas as I see fit.

While sketching, I take breaks to be sure I have all I need before I take the next step. I try taking my mind off it all and do other tasks.

Ideas come when you least expect them!

Sketching is a part of the logo design process
I design your logo with Adobe Illustrator

For the first time, I fire up my logo design software (Adobe Illustrator).

I select the sketches that best represent your brand and convert them into digital forms. I create different iterations of the logo design concepts.

From these concepts, I choose the ones that are;

  • Relevant – does it fit your business idea?
  • Memorable – is it unique enough to be remembered?
  • Simple – is it laser-focused on the logo concept?

These rules help me create an evergreen identity at the best logo design price in Nigeria for a premium logo. A flexible and reliable logo you won’t need to change ever.

At last, you get to see your logo (maybe a potential logo) for the first time.

I integrate each concept in situations where they might appear in the real world.

  • Business Cards
  • Writing material
  • Advert assets, etc.

This helps test the practicality of the logo concepts and helps you see them as others will see them.

I’ll send you the presentation and schedule a meeting for the next step. Revision (if needs be).

Logo Design Revision

You understand your industry more than I do. Therefore, this is where I listen a second time.

Together, we audit the benefits of each logo concept and decide on a favoured option.

If needs be, I’ll do some further work on this chosen concept and present further reviews till you are hyper-satisfied with your logo design.

This is where you get exactly what you ordered. An evergreen logo in different formats you can use.

You also get free brand assets designs like business cards, letterheads – depending on the logo design pricing plan you choose.

In truth, your business needs more than a great logo design to scale. Here’s where data-driven, results-oriented digital marketing should come in.

I can also use the brand created as a guide to build a responsive website or help you manage your social media platforms.