Logo Design Pricing in Nigeria: How Much Does Logo Design Cost in 2024?

To get a proper logo designed in Nigeria for your business, you may need to pay at least ₦20,000. A lot of things come into play in building a future-proof logo for your business in Nigeria. Therefore, you will probably pay a lot more than that from ₦20,000 – ₦100,000 if you know the value of a logo to your business.

Nike’s swoosh icon cost just $186 to Pepsi’s $1,000,000 redesign in 2008. Nike has never changed its logo, everyone knows the swoosh that cost $35 to design. Logo design pricing in Nigeria is another ball game entirely, this is due to the spending power of the average business owner. Sometimes, it is just an issue of “How will I spend ₦50,000 on a common logo?” 

A logo is usually a lot of people’s first exposure to your brand. First impression matters a lot, that 1 or 10 seconds could shape how a person views your brand. Do you want to be viewed as cheap? Well, the poorly designed under ₦5,000 logo mounted in 3D on glass does that.

If you wish to be respected, you need to educate yourself about the long-term effects of initial business actions. You might be thinking “when we blow, we will change the logo”. It is better you don’t have a logo than get a cheap one you have to change when you succeed. Your brand identity forms a part of your reputation and people’s perception of you.

Do you want your brand to be viewed as cheap?

How much does logo design cost in Nigeria?

I have explained what goes into creating a timeless logo for your business, yet the most important element is still you. Can you afford that premium, supposedly overpriced logo?

My advice is to stay in your lane, you don’t need a logo to start. However, if you just can’t stand your business without one, try the Squarespace logo design tool. Out of all the free logo design tools available online, this tool is the only one that allows you to download your logo in high resolution.

However, if you are absolutely above doing it yourself but yet limited on budget, be wary of logo designers that charge below ₦10,000. It is difficult to go through the logo design process explained above on pay below ₦10,000 even if you live in Sambisa forest.

To get a proper logo in Nigeria as a small business owner, you need to plan a budget between ₦20,000 and ₦100,000. Yes, a professional logo design in Nigeria costs ₦20,000 and ₦100,000. This budget is enough to hire a logo design freelancer, like me.

Some businesses’ logo design needs extend beyond just the logo. Branding agencies charge well above ₦100,000 and they provide an extensive branding package for your business – which includes your logo. Branding services include packaging design, brand stationery design, promotional designs, etc.

It is important that you know exactly what works for your business at a set time. This ensures that you don’t overspend on a branding package that yields no returns for you.

The logo design process

The cost of a logo design like anything else is governed by how much time and effort it takes to create it. There are standard steps a professional logo designer needs to take to create an evergreen logo. Therefore, ₦1,000 logos in 24 hours will come back to bite you. Here’s a summary of the steps it takes to create a great logo;

  • The logo designer receives a questionnaire from you. A questionnaire form should contain important details unique to your business – not just your business name and the colours you like. A logo designer wears a business strategist hat to understand what appeals to the people you are targeting.
  • Comprehensive research of your industry follows the questionnaire step. He /she investigates popular (and hidden) brands in your industry. This process makes sure the end product is unique, yet aligns with your industry.
  • Next, most professional logo designers sketch a lot of logo concepts from which they choose the best. This is the first step that requires expertise from the designer – drawing.
  • After the designer has picked some concepts, then he/she launches his design tool (Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.). The sketched concepts are converted into vectors and coloured.
  • The next step involves you, you get your logo design first draft from the designer. Look at it from the eye of your target audience, and do a survey with people in your network. Ask people what they think about the prospects of your logo.
  • You can then return to the designer with suggestions from your exploration. The logo designer keeps on working on the logo until you are satisfied with your logo.

Ask yourself; are the steps above possible in 24 hours? Should anyone charge under ₦5,000 to go through that stress?

What influences the cost of a logo design?


A seasoned designer who has worked with top brands will charge more than a novice. There are several types of logos for businesses and not all logo designers can work on all types. I don’t create mascot logos, that requires a piece of vector graphic art which I don’t do at the moment.


For logo design pricing in Nigeria, the amount a logo designer who resides in Lagos will charge will dwarf that of one who lives in Akure. Interestingly, this is simple economics of living – you can’t compare the cost of living in both localities. Location impacts the prices of goods and services.

Concepts & Revisions

Logo designers are artists, an artist can’t judge his own work. Therefore, business owners need to be presented with options. Also, some edits might need to be made on the favoured options in the process. This forms a price of the logo design cost, concepts and revisions could be metered. My logo design pricing ranges from one to three concepts while revisions range from 3 to unlimited in my gold plan.

Additional Designs

Some clients may need designs like letterhead, business cards or a brand guide to go with their logo. This drives up the cost of the final project.

Did you find this article because you need a logo for your business? I charge between the ₦35,000 and ₦200,000 range for evergreen logo designs. Learn more on my logo design service page, perhaps you’ll request a logo for your business via my questionnaire form.

Hope to hear from you soon 😉

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