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Today’s digital landscape is changing at a rapid pace. It’s no longer enough just to have a social media presence and hope for the best. Today, there are hundreds of alternative platforms – each with its own unique audience and rules. You need content that resonates with your readers and helps draw them in from the first sentence. Creating content that engages with your reader is just as important as having the correct quantity or quality of posts. To succeed on social media, you must create engaging content that gives users something to discuss. Here is a guide for how to create engaging social media content:

What Is Content Creation?

Content creation is creating and developing content for a particular platform, like Instagram or blog posts. You should be creative with what you share on social media. It’s essential to give people something to talk about and think about. You can create content for different platforms or social media accounts.

For example, if you are using Instagram as your platform, you might want to create visual content like pictures, videos, etc. Creating engaging content takes time and effort – but not too much time and effort! The key is finding a balance to produce high-quality posts while maintaining your schedule, so you don’t get burned out.

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What Makes Content Engaging?

The quality of content that engages your audience largely depends on the story it tells. If your content revolves around an important topic, it will be easier to engage with readers. A key question to ask yourself when considering what makes content engaging is:

  • What emotions does this piece evoke?
  • Is there a particular perspective that you want your audience to feel?
  • Is there a specific way you want them to think about the issue or idea presented in your content?

Once you have a clear idea of what emotion or perspective you want your reader to take away from the piece, you can begin crafting your content to meet those goals and keep them engaged from beginning to end.

Social Media Content Creation Tools

The first step in creating an engaging social media account is to create fantastic posts. Many social media platforms have built-in tools for creating content. For example, on Facebook, you can use editing tools to make changes to images and videos before publishing them. If you don’t have access to these tools, don’t worry!

Many online social media content creation tools allow you to produce engaging and professional posts without any additional software. These content creation tools vary in terms of what they offer and how they work, so it’s important to know what type of tool you’d like to use before diving into production mode. Here are 4 social media content creation tools that can help you create engaging content for social media.


Canva is a tool that subtracts the need for a graphics designer from your business, especially when starting up. You can edit millions of templates for your design needs, like flyers, brochures, and social media designs.


Social media is getting progressively video-first. Social media platforms offering video content are the most engaging; think YouTube and TikTok. This might seem scary for small business owners with loads of things to attend to outside social media marketing.

This why Inshot is a video editing app that enables users to cut long-form video into the bite-sized format people find engaging on social media. You can also colour-grade your videos with filters and add sounds. There are several other video editing apps, and I recommend Inshot because it allows you to do lots of things, yet you can save your video without a watermark.


While showing your face on social media helps your business, only some business owners are comfortable with this. Powtoon is a video presentation platform that allows you to create engaging explainer videos for your business. There are thousands of templates you can modify for your unique purposes. In addition, the platform attaches a watermark to videos saved for free, and you can subscribe to remove the watermark.


Perception is vital on social media; you must post content without grammar errors. Grammarly is a tool that helps you check your text content for mistakes. The free version is excellent for small business needs like post captions. However, you need the premium version if you want to do more, like check for plagiarism.

The Content Creation Process

To create social media content that engages your readers, you must create content that speaks to your audience. To do this;

  1. First, identify the type of social media platform you’re creating content for. Once you have determined the platform, you can use this information to define the best content strategy.
  2. After defining your strategy, it is time to start creating content!
  3. First, identify a relevant topic for your audience that will be engaging enough for them.
  4. Next, think about what emotions you want your readers to feel when they read your post. What are some of the unique things about your topic?
  5. Lastly, consider how others might engage with this topic on social media platforms.

Social Media Content creation tips

There are no rules cast in stone for social media content creation. This is because algorithm changes happen daily on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Therefore, modifying your content creation strategies to suit these changes is essential. That being said, some tips transcend changes in social media algorithms. Regardless of these changes, you should have these four tips at the back of your mind;

1. Focus on the content

Instead of posting a photo or a video, ensure your post is focused on the content. It’s not enough to just have something to say; you need to create content that delivers value.

2. Keep posts short

Social media users are likelier to engage with shorter content than long-form content. This is because the shorter length makes it quick and easy for them to consume your message and for you to get their attention in a crowded feed.

3. Make your posts personal

Socially engaging posts come from the emotional side of things. What does this mean? It means that your content must be relevant or applicable to your audience in some way or another – whether it’s an article about what they should wear on a date, how they should handle their finances, or how they can increase productivity at work. Individual posts don’t necessarily have to be about yourself; talk about other people instead if you want to keep things interesting with an added dose of personality.

4. Be relatable

If you want people to stay engaged with your social media account, then make sure that everything you say is relatable and easy for them to connect emotionally and intellectually. People love being able to relate with others through various topics that interest them, so don’t be afraid of sharing sensitive subjects like depression or anxiety if that’s what leads you authentically!

SEO Content Creation

SEO content creation is about creating content to rank high on search engines. The most common SEO-driven content is blog articles. To create content that ranks high on search engines, here are six tips you should follow;

1) Choose the main topic.

2) Research keywords.

3) Write a headline that includes the main keyword.

4) Include an image of your product or service on your post to draw in your audience.

5) Personalize the content by including something unique about yourself and the business.

6) Create a call-to-action that tells your audience what to do next, such as downloading a free e-book, seeing where they can buy your products online, following you on social media, etc.

Need Help With Social Media Marketing?

Content marketing on social media helps you build an enduring community of loyal fans and customers who refer your business when the opportunity presents itself. If you can’t find the time for this and you need the help of a social media marketer in Nigeria, you are home! Start a discussion with me about your social media marketing needs today.

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