Digital Marketing FAQs in Nigeria

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Most people searching online just want questions they have answered. This page is a digital marketing FAQs in Nigeria dedicated to answering questions you have about digital marketing.

How lucrative is digital marketing in Nigeria?

How much you earn from digital marketing depends on three things;

  1. Whether you are earning with a job or with an employment
  2. Which aspect of digital marketing you specialize in
  3. Level of experience

Generally, digital marketers in Nigeria earn between ₦40,000 and ₦2,000,000 monthly depending on the factors above.

How big is the digital marketing industry in Nigeria?

The Nigerian digital marketing industry is worth over $6 billion.

This economic value includes eCommerce, small businesses and corporate bodies.

Due to how easy it is to launch digital marketing campaigns and youth enthusiasm about personal development, this value is projected to increase drastically over the coming years.

How much are social media managers paid in Nigeria?

Social media managers in Nigeria earn between ₦50,000 and ₦250,000 monthly.

The amount a social media manager earns in Nigeria depends on;

  1. Experience level
  2. Scope of work
  3. The hiring company

Also, social media marketing freelancers have a tendency to earn more than those working with companies.

This is because they can attach other job digital marketing sectors to their work.

For instance, a social media marketing freelancer can upsell himself as a Facebook ad expert or Influencer if he has an audience.

How do I become a social media manager in Nigeria?

Whether you wish to work for yourself or work for a company as a social media manager, you need to take a social media marketing training programme.

Social media management training gives you a general overview of what your job as a social media manager looks like.

As a social media manager, you might need to pick up content creation skills like copywriting, graphics design and video editing.

These skills make improves your chances of getting hired since most Nigerian companies prefer employees who can wear a lot of hats.

You see job adverts containing statements like;

The ability to do XYZ gives you an added advantage.

In social media management, skills that make you coveted include content creation skills and the ability to set up paid ads.

If you are looking to become a freelancer or start a social media management agency, then content creation needs to be your bread and beans.

You need to figure out cost-effective ways of putting yourself out there.

This is basically like saying; “If you can see me, then you should work with me”.

Treat your personal brand like your first customer and others will find you.

How much does it cost to manage Instagram in Nigeria?

How much it costs you to manage your Instagram account depends on the amount of work you wish to put in and if you intend to do it yourself or not.

If you are doing it yourself, money spent is usually on Facebook ads to promote your Instagram account.

However, if you wish to outsource your Instagram page management, how much you pay depends on your budget, the results you desire, and the freelancer or agency (level of experience, location etc).

In Nigeria, Instagram account management costs between ₦30,000 and ₦2,000,000.

₦30,000 the barest minimum for business owners who just post and boost posts or social media managers who are just starting out.

₦2,000,000 for top companies that invest in influencers and look to create a lot of buzz for future retargeting ad campaigns.