Fashion Logo Design: How to Make Your Own Fashion Brand Logo

Creating a brand logo is one of the most critical steps toward making your fashion brand. It’s the first impression your target audience will get from you. That’s why it’s imperative to nail this step! A logo is the visual representation of your brand and should be easily recognizable at a glance. It should also have a clear purpose, meaning, and message for people who see it. Even if you design logos for other brands, you can use these tips to help create a killer logo for a fashion brand. Let us look at some helpful insights so that you can make the perfect logo for your fashion brand too!

What Is a Fashion Brand?

A fashion brand is a brand of clothing and accessories generally meant for people to purchase. The first step in designing your fashion brand logo is knowing what you want to sell. What values, meanings, and messages do you want your customers to get from your logo? Once you have that figured out, it’s time to design!

How Do I Choose a Fashion Label Name?

First, you will want to choose a name that reflects your style. It’s important to remember that fashion is all about who you are, so consider the type of person you would like your customers to see you as and the types of outfits they wear. You should also think about how you want people to perceive your brand. Next, you should take inspiration from your favourite styles and colours by looking at what people wear today. Consider what trends are popular in the market now and which colours and patterns stand out. With these things in mind, it is time to choose a name for your brand!

10 Popular Fashion Logos You Should Know

1. Louis Vuitton

2. Hermes

3. Gucci

4. Kate Spade

Kate Spade - Fashion Logo Design

5. Nike

6. Chanel 

7. Balenciaga 

8. Yves Saint Laurent 

Yves Saint Laurent- Fashion Logo Design

9. The North Face

The North Face Logo Sample

10. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger logo examples

Top 5 Clothing Brand Logos

Let’s look at the top 5 clothing brand logos of all time. These are some of the most influential, successful, and famous fashion brands. But first, we will examine the logo designs and their branding techniques.

1) Nike: The Nike swoosh, which has become an iconic symbol in sports marketing, is used in various ways. It can appear on athletic apparel like jerseys or shorts, and shoes.

2) Adidas: This brand has been around since 1924 and is known for its comfortable sportswear that is ready for any occasion.

Adidas Logo

3) American Apparel: American Apparel was founded by Dov Charney in 1989 to create clothes made from spun polyester to replace cotton clothing which he believed caused people skin irritation and allergies.

American Apparel Logo Design

4) Calvin Klein: Launched in 1968 by Calvin Klein, this label is globally renowned for its elegant menswear and womenswear collections which have been the choice of celebrities from Steven Spielberg to Madonna Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

5) Tommy Hilfiger: This clothing company was founded by Tommy Hilfiger’s grandparents, who began making shirts for miners in Pennsylvania during the 1930s. In 1985, it began being sold in department stores across America before expanding into worldwide markets like Japan, China, and Europe. Its unique styles weren’t just the merchandise you find at most retailers today.

Which Fashion Brand Has the Best Logo?

A study by the University of Barcelona found that Adidas had the best logo in a survey of 3,000 fashion brands. However, another study from the University of Barcelona found that Nike had the most recognizable design on a global level. Furthermore, they found that 86 per cent of people know what Nike means!

What Makes a Logo Look Expensive?

An expensive logo looks high quality and professional. It represents your brand and should be perfectly styled to show your company’s style. When designing a logo, ensure it has high resolution so it can be seen easily in print or online. Your logo should also be appealing and enticing to potential customers. This is important because if people don’t want to buy from you, they won’t! We recommend using an image with a powerful message when creating your logo design. For example, if you make a fashion brand for women who love adventure and travel, use an image that shows how much fun they could have on a trip with you.

Best Typefaces for a Fashion Logo

One of the most straightforward steps to creating a logo is deciding on a typeface. Typefaces can vary in style, size, and weight. Typefaces can also be made better by using different lines, shapes, and textures. What kind of typeface would you use for your brand logo? Once you decide on the typeface, you should look for other essential features to make your design stand out. When choosing a typeface for your logo, remember to keep it simple! One of the most common mistakes many designers make is overcomplicating their logo designs. It may work better than you think if you try to make something flashy with your typeface choices. Instead, stick with clean and minimalist logos to create a lasting impression with your target audience.

Fashion Logo Design Online Free

Creating a modern fashion logo is easier than you think. You don’t need to hire expensive designers or go through a lengthy process to create one. Many free online tools offer tutorials and step-by-step instructions on creating your luxury fashion logo. Plus, most of these tools have design templates for you, so you don’t need to start from scratch! There are also plenty of tools that offer helpful tips and tricks for designing logos. The best part about these tools is that most of them allow users to create multiple versions of their logo so they can adjust it according to the different needs of their brand.

How Do I Create a Fashion Brand Logo?

A fashion brand logo is a sign of credibility. It should be unique, memorable, and recognizable. If you want to create a fashion brand logo, you need to consider the following:

  • The target audience
  • The message of the brand
  • The colours
  • The style

What do people associate with your brand? The target audience is the first step in creating a fashion logo. Next, how do you feel about yourself? Finally, how do you want to be seen? These are simple questions you can ask yourself before designing your fashion logo.

If what you are looking for is a logo design process to help you put together a proper brand for yourself, here are 6 steps to create a proper fashion brand logo;

1. Research the industry for which the logo will be designed. Look into big brands in the industry and similar brands (competitors) in the region(s) the brand will serve.

2. Brainstorm using a mind map to develop several ideas of what the logo will look like. Write down ideas in detail, and make light sketches if needs be.

3. Sketch several logo concepts based on the ideas from the brainstorming.

4. Design vector forms of your sketches in tools like Adobe Illustrator.

5. Create a list of probable use cases (stationeries, signage, web-based media etc) for the logo so you can come up with mockups of such use cases.

6. Present the logo to clients or stakeholders and create revisions based on choices and constructive feedback.

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Fashion Logo Design Samples

Before you begin designing your logo, looking at some of the best fashion logos designed for other brands can be beneficial. The best designers in the industry make these logos, so they are guaranteed to be trendy and eye-catching. 

Fashion Logo Design Samples

In addition to these, you can check out dribble or Behance accounts of famous logo designers for inspiration. Search based on your immediate needs on Google images for logo inspiration.

3D Fashion Logo Design

A 3D logo is a great way to showcase your fashion brand in all its glory and create an image that people can remember. You should aim for something bold, distinctive, attractive, and attention-grabbing!

3D fashion logo design is great for displaying how your branding looks on physical materials like signages and souvenirs. Some brands create 3D logos for web 3.0 but in my experience, simple always works. Recently automobile brands have simplified their branding from glossy 3D logos to simple vector logos to appeal to younger generations.