Top 6 Digital Marketing Agencies in Nigeria

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There are three levels to running digital marketing for your small business in Nigeria; DIY, Hiring a Freelancer, Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency. This article will advise you on the top 6 digital marketing agencies in Nigeria

You know your goals and available resources to achieve them than anybody. This immediately puts you in control if you decide to do your marketing yourself. However, you may not have the design, advertisement and other skills needed to pull off result-driven marketing for small businesses. Therefore, you need the services of a digital marketing freelancer or an agency.

Why you should outsource your digital marketing needs


Becoming an expert takes time and effort. Time and effort you have exerted in understanding your industry. Freelancers and agencies have amassed the copywriting, content marketing, design experience needed to promote your business. They also have experience in the different online marketing channels and know strategies that work for your social media, website etc. Freelancers and agencies expose your business to result-oriented strategies that would take you years to learn.


Result-driven digital marketing involves the use of several sophisticated tools. Some tools are complex to learn and may require a monthly payment to access all the benefits. Freelancers and agencies are experienced with complex tools and are able to spread the cost of marketing tools across their clients.

Fresh Perspective

Great marketing is empathetic, you need to be able to see your business from other people’s perspectives. Outsourcing your marketing will bring in new ideas and help get the best out of your limited resources. As a small business owner with a lot of aspects to manage, you may have no choice but to stick with a formula that works for too long. Your magic formula might become obsolete leaving you behind your competitors. Freelancers and agencies help keep your marketing campaigns is fresh and exciting. 


Marketing is crucial to any business. It requires careful planning and monitoring, hence, it takes up a lot of time for anyone involved. 

Digital marketing activities can get tedious. For instance, posting regularly on social media regularly might be fun at first, but could become boring and unfulfilling. Outsourcing your marketing helps you focus on other important sectors in your business. It saves you time and a lot of headaches – yes, headache is involved;)

Now that you know why you should outsource your digital marketing, what remains is making a choice between a freelancer and an agency. Here are some benefits of working with a digital marketing freelancer – like me 😉

Why you should work with a Digital Marketing Freelancer


When compared to recruiting a full-time employee or hiring an agency, freelancers charge you 20 to 30 percent less for the same quality of work.


Most freelancers depend mostly on customer retention and great personal relationships. You’re working with one person who can’t hide behind a team or a boss. Therefore, they need to be exceptional and communicate well with you.


They own their time, hence, they make sacrifices to make sure you get the best. Most freelancers work project-based, therefore, you don’t need to disturb yourself about monthly payments. 


Freelancers represent themselves, therefore, they require no supervision. The probability of retaining a client depends on the quality of past work, hence, they outdo themselves to keep you.

A Freelancer is perfect for the small business owner whose business is not yet defined. Such a business owner will be able to make suggestions that are acted upon quickly. Digital marketing companies are more organized with a defined scope of work that is rarely altered. 

Digital marketing agencies are for thriving businesses with the intent to expand their audience and scale their business. Here are the top 6 digital marketing agencies in Nigeria in no particular order;

Wild Fusion

Wild Fusions have offices in Lagos, Ghana and Kenya. They have provided Digital marketing services to top Nigerian and International brands including Unilever, Diamond Bank, Knorr, Visa, Samsung, etc.

DM2 Group

From their office in Lekki, Lagos, DM2 Group has served popular brands like Coca Cola, Mcvities, Hasbro, Tetra-Pak, Mouka Foam, Interswitch, etc. They built the video ad serving platform Indigen, a platform that serves video ads popular Nigeria online media platforms.

Terragon Group

With subsidiaries – Terragon Digital and Twinpine, Terragon Group has helped brands like Guinness, Close Up, Samsung, Sunlight, etc., reach their audiences via Mobile and Digital channels. They have offices in 4 countries (including Nigeria) across Africa.

Interactive CT

From their office at Anthony Village, Lagos, Interactive CT has worked on marketing projects for popular brands like Oando, Heinz, KFC, MTN, Heritage Bank, etc.


Anakle is a creative digital advertising agency with an office in Lekki, Lagos. Anakle has worked with brands like Access Bank, PZ, UBA, and Coca Cola.


From offices in Lagos, Ghana and Kenya, 3rd Floor Digital has worked with multinational brands like Peak, Haier, Scheider Electric and Cussons.

Do you need help with digital marketing for your business? Perhaps don’t have a clue on what that entails in Nigeria. I am available to help you determine whether to do it yourself, hire me or an agency. Let’s have an honest conversation.

See you 😉