Web Design Pricing in Nigeria: How Much Does Web Design Cost in 2023?

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Perhaps you wish to create a new website for your company or redesign an old one. ‘How much?’ is a question that pops into your mind all the time. Professional web design pricing in Nigeria ranges from ₦60,000 to over ₦5,000,000 depending on several factors. In this article, I’ll explain how much a standard website should cost you.

Please note that the web design pricing in Nigeria I explain below is on the premise that you are hiring someone to build your website. The prices include the cost of purchasing a domain name and hosting plan (which could include website security – SSL) to start with. It is advisable to purchase your domain name and hosting on the same platform – this greatly reduces your stress going forward. Be wary of web designers who give you offers of free domain and hosting. They could add you to a crowded shared hosting in a bid to enslave your business to their unnecessary yearly charges. How and where your website is hosted impacts your website performance, own your hosting, own your website.

How much does website design cost?

The average cost for designing a standard website in Nigeria ranges from ₦60,000 to more than ₦5,000,000. This price is influenced by factors including your preference in style, size of the website and whether or not your website needs special features.

If you are a consultant, freelancer or service provider looking to sell just one product (or service), you can make do with a single-page website. This costs from ₦60,000 to ₦150,000 depending on how much trouble the web designer goes through to create a well-branded website for you.

If you are a medium-sized business with more stories to tell, you should look into a multi-page website with a lot of different calls to action. This cost from ₦120,000 to over ₦500,000 depending on your need for special features to extend the functionality of your website. In truth, you should demand a website that serves as a tool that drives your business goals. 

The third class of websites are eCommerce websites whose prices depend on magnitude and business model. Are you looking to promote just your goods on the website? or do you want other vendors to register on your website and promote their goods? The prices of e-commerce websites range from ₦200,000 to over ₦5,000,000 depending on how complicated your needs are. Some eCommerce websites demand raw programming to achieve features new to the digital world.

What determines what a web designer charges?

To you as an entrepreneur, your preference in style, size of the website and whether or not your website needs special features influences the price of a website. Web designers see it deeper than you and what they charge you depends on some of the factors below;

Their Experience

Most people fall into the trap of numbers when it comes to experience. For a web designer, experience is more than that. The experience of a web designer in Nigeria is a measure of the complexities of the projects they’ve worked on. To determine whether a website designer is worth their charge, look at the past projects they’ve worked on.

What they can do for you will manifest in their past projects. Start with their (the web designer’s) website, are you even impressed by that? You can proceed to check out their portfolio or request a list of websites they’ve worked on.

Their Company

Web design is a service that can be provided by a company (a web design agency) or an individual (a web design freelancer). Usually, web design agencies charge more for projects than freelancers. This is because they have more to do with their revenue. The agency needs to pay for their office space, salaries and other expenditures while the freelancer can finish the whole project in a corner of his room.

Don’t be tempted to think because it is a company, they will do better and justify their high web design cost. This is not usually the case. While a company has a reputation to keep, a freelancer has only his word to keep. However, you could find a web design freelancer who runs his as an organized business. Freelancers like these keep their word, hence, justifying their charges.

Project complexity and organization

While some websites take a few weeks to design, some could take months due to complex features or provisions between the client and the web designer. The more complex a website is, the longer it takes and by extension the higher the cost.

Working on a website means forgetting about other things for a long period. For web design companies, a web design staff member is blocked off from other duties during a project. Similarly, a freelancer has to manage other prospects coming in to focus on your project.

This makes it wise for either companies or freelancers to charge their worth (and projected losses) for the time spent on any project.

That Nigerian thing 😉

Like every other commodity in the Nigerian market, website design is also liable to haggling. Business owners wish to get the best quality web design at the best (Cheapest?) price. This drove a lot of web design agencies in Nigeria to all together omit prices from their website. When a quote is requested, they start with an outrageous price and negotiate downwards to a ‘win-win’ compromise.

Some web designers (like me) have a fixed base price. As of when I am writing this, I charge ₦70,000 for a single-page website₦120,000 for a multipage website and ₦180,000 for an e-commerce website. These prices work only if the project won’t require special features that warrant premium resources.

Here’s the thing, no matter your budget or style preferences, it is important that you get a website that drives profitable action for your business. If you are looking for a mobile responsive, future-proof website that converts visitors into customers, I am your guy. I’ll design every section of your website with the thought of “what will his/her target audience think about this?”. Let’s talk about a website design service for your business.

Having a website is one thing, people need to visit the website so you can get your ROI. Start this up with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service that drives qualified traffic to your website for free.

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