How much does UI UX design cost in Nigeria?

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In an expanding digital ecosystem filled with numerous great products, it is important to have a distinct digital presence. This includes assets like websites and mobile apps. Therein lies the work of UI UX designers, they create functional and attractive experiences for people who use your website or mobile app. This article explains the cost of UI UX design in Nigeria.

To create an appealing and useful UI UX design for your digital assets, UI UX designers in Nigeria charge between ₦50,000 and ₦4,000,000 per project. This depends on the complexity of your design project and the person (or agency) you are working with. 

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What does UI UX design mean?

UI = User Interface

UX = User Experience

UI deals with how a product (website or mobile app) looks and feels – the aesthetics.

UX deals with how the product functions – the ease with which users can interact with the product.

Think about this;

You visited an eCommerce website and you love the design so much you made a point of showing your friends. However, you couldn’t make a purchase from the website, because you could not find the shop to begin with.

While the website looks and feels nice, the business owner will likely lose money to the website’s lack of simple functionality.

This is a great example of a great UI and poor UX scenario.

Here’s a screenshot of the first Facebook interface

Facebook’s First UI

Cringe, right?

However, it was functional, users can post images, texts or videos without issues and their users love it.

While they know the design could be better, which it did over time, they were all in for the utility of the platform as a tool for connecting with people.

This is a great example of a poor UI and great UX scenario.

However, Facebook worked then because UI design itself has not evolved as a field in the early 2000s. People didn’t know websites or apps could as tantalizing as they taste.

Fast forward to the 2020s, it will be extremely difficult to sell a product or attract investors with user experience alone. It needs to look great to sell on digital platforms.

Therefore, both UI and UX work hand in hand to create an awesome experience your users are likely to share with others.

What skills do UI UX designers need?

Design skills

A knack for creativity is required to create UI designs with appealing functionality, captivating aesthetics, and responsive interface components.

It is critical to understand design aspects like textures, colour gradients, and font styles to include designs that support company goals while also engaging website visitors.

Many UI designers hone their skills through hands-on experience since continual practice with creative design and digital interfaces are required to grow in the field.

Planning skills

When starting and developing new projects, excellent planning is essential.

Planning may help UI designers succeed by helping them develop plans, evaluate specs, and incorporate feedback into their UI designs.

Their capacity to establish goals and make action plans to attain critical objectives can also be demonstrated by their planning abilities.

Industry Expertise

Like other fields in the tech space, UI UX design is subject to evolve with new ideas and breakthroughs.

In UI design, new software, methodologies, and design trends are frequently introduced.

Therefore, UI designers must keep informed by expanding their industry expertise.

Specialized knowledge of design techniques, current applications, and other resources gives them the foundation required to keep moving forward.

Technical skills

For building and implementing UI concepts into websites and mobile apps, UI UX designers need technical abilities and an understanding of computer software and frameworks for design.

Their ability to assess technical parts of a design is also based on this skill set.

Developed technical abilities also provide a foundation for them to learn new systems required for future tasks.

Detail Orientation Skills

Care and attention are required while organizing, developing, and updating UI designs.

To maintain standards, UI UX designers must be able to notice and improve on little but critical features.

This attention to detail demonstrates an ability to assess and apply crucial data to make project-related choices.

 Their attention to detail usually includes effective excellent time management abilities.

Problem-solving skills

A UI designer’s profession requires strong problem-solving abilities for testing and implementing solutions to overcome obstacles.

To obtain good results, many UI designers use their problem-solving talents in conjunction with co-workers and clients.

Furthermore, many organizations want UI team members that know how to handle misunderstandings or arguments with others.

Communication skills

Collaboration with team members necessitates the capacity to provide feedback, listen actively, and share information, therefore efficient communication is also required for UI design.

Another area of communication that might be important in your work as a UI designer is your writing ability.

Several critical procedures rely on good written communication abilities, including sending emails, taking notes, and capturing and recording design processes.

Many UI designers also learn communication skills to aid in the negotiation and appraisal of projects with customers, as well as providing input on design quality and usefulness.

Teamwork skills

UI designers collaborate with a wide range of people and are frequently part of design teams.

This implies that an ability to work in a team is critical to success as a UI designer.

Communication and teamwork abilities are also required for developing and refining outcomes that meet company objectives and user requirements.

Is UI UX a good career?

Since UI UX design was named one of the top five in-demand skills by LinkedIn in 2020, the demand for UI UX designers has increased. 

This is because of the world’s growing awareness of UI UX design and how investing in design teams has a significant impact on revenue and business objectives.

According to CNN Money, demand for UX designers will increase by 18% between 2015 and 2025.

Also, Google has included User Experience in their ranking algorithm because it is such an essential part of a company’s website.

This update implies that your website ranking suffers if Google bots deduce that website visitors don’t have a pleasant experience using your website.

Also, in today’s tech-heavy economy, startups invest in UI UX to attract and retain users.

UX designers are in high demand all across the world so much the demand exceeds the supply by far.

This makes UI UX design a great career path.

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logo designer in Nigeria

Can a graphic designer become a UI designer?

To create customer-centric business assets like those used in promotions, graphic designers need to think like the company’s target audience.

This skill is key for UI UX designers, therefore, graphic designers can extend their ability into UI UX design for better pay.

Most graphic designers transition to UX or UI design since some of their talents are transferrable and demand and income are both high.

Does UI design require coding?

Every designer has been faced with the question of whether or not they will need to learn to code to be successful.

It’s easy to wonder if UI/UX designers require coding expertise to develop a successful career in today’s market when companies advertise job descriptions demanding UI/UX designers who also code.

The short answer is;

UI UX designers do not require coding knowledge.

Even while coding abilities aren’t needed for a successful career in UI/UX design, there are times when knowing how to code may help.

It is recommended that UX designers have a basic grasp of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Other programming languages, such as Java or Swift, are not required for a UX design job. While it’s best to entrust programming to web developers and other programmers, there are three reasons why you should at least have a basic grasp of coding:

  1. It enables you to communicate with developers more effectively so that you can both speak the same language.
  2. Understanding and appreciating the degrees of implementation required by the developers to accomplish the concept helps you stay realistic in your designs.
  3. Knowing how to code is an excellent addition to your toolkit and makes you more valuable as an employee, particularly in start-up environments where you may be required to wear numerous hats.

How much do UI UX designers make in Nigeria?

It is very important to know how much you are bound to earn from a career before embarking on that journey.

UI UX design is not any different, especially in Nigeria – an environment where tech professionals don’t usually get paid what their peers in developed countries get.

The reality is how much you earn depends on the value you bring to the table and your level of experience.

You control your perceived value i.e. you can boost your value by putting together a portfolio that displays your skills as superior to others.

The level of experience is usually governed by years of service in Nigeria as well as the type of companies you have worked with.

Whether you are a salary earner or a freelance UI UX designer in Nigeria, here’s a range of salary/earnings you can expect per month as a UI UX designer on two levels;

Junior UI UX Designers in Nigeria earn between ₦65,000 and ₦180,000 monthly while Senior UI UX designers earn between ₦220,000 and ₦500,000. This depends on their years of experience and competence.

Individuals who offer UI UX design skills independently as freelancers or design agency founders usually earn more than salary earners depending on their network – connection to people who outsource UI UX gigs.

LevelEarnings (Monthly)
Junior UI/UX Designer₦65,000 – ₦180,000
Senior UI/UX₦220,000 and ₦500,000
Freelance UI/UX Design₦65,000 – ₦1,000,000
UI/UX Design Agency₦2,000,000 – ₦10,000,000
Table showing how much UI UX designers in earn in Nigeria.


The purpose of UI UX design is to create unforgettable experiences for users on your website or mobile apps.

After you have made a decision on how you want it to look and feel, the next step is implementing your created UI.

That is where a web designer in Nigeria comes in.